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Technology Recruiting – FAQs

As part of the registration process, candidates must pass a thorough pre-screening process including skills testing, a comprehensive interview and reference checking. Consequently, our contractors are ready to go at a moment’s notice and we are able to fill temporary positions very quickly.

No. We work only on a contingency basis. Whether you require a temporary employee or would like to engage our services to complete a permanent search, you pay a fee only if you hire one of our candidates.

On a temporary staffing basis, our fee is built into an hourly rate which includes all costs—the contractor’s salary, employer EI and CPP benefits, payroll processing costs, worker’s compensation costs and contract staffing fees. The hourly rate depends on the level of the position and the individual contractor’s experience and skills.

Occasionally a contractor does not work out or decides to move on to another position. If this happens, we will provide a replacement contractor of equal or higher qualifications at the same rate.

Employers may require temporary assistance for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Special projects
  • Parental leaves
  • Peak work periods
  • Sudden position vacancies
  • Vacation coverage
  • Employee leaves of absence

Temporary staffing allows you to meet your immediate staffing needs quickly and flexibly. Additionally, employers may want to evaluate a contract candidate as a potential permanent employee.

Absolutely. Our contracts are designed to ensure you have complete flexibility in your staffing needs. While it helps the process to know the approximate length at the start of the contract, you are free to terminate the contract at any time, without penalty, should your needs change or extend the contract should the person continue to be available

Yes. In a significant number of our assignments, the contract employee is hired permanently by our client either during the contract or following its completion. In fact, many employers view the contract option as a good way of seeing if the person is a good long-term fit before making the decision to hire permanently.


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