Our Employers

At ZAPMIND, Inc., our focus is Staffing, Recruiting, and Consulting, and placement of the most talented temporary or permanent technology professionals. We work closely with employers in Canada and United States to identify the needs for their role and strive for a precise match between these requirements and the candidate’s qualifications

Why choose Administrative Staffing?

Specialization. By focusing on our area of expertise, we know the industry, the market, and are able to provide you or your organization with the most current, professional, and experienced technology professionals.

Quick turnaround. On an ongoing basis, we meet with new candidates and clients, and build relationships with existing candidates and clients. This allows us to manage your candidate search quickly and efficiently.

Contingency based. As a results-driven company, you pay no fees unless you hire one of our candidates. All of our candidates never pay any fees for our services.

Relationships. We are committed to a personal approach. By getting to know our candidates well beyond resumes and by paying close attention to their personal and professional aspirations, we are able to recommend candidates who will thrive in your role and your organization.

Fit. Whether your opportunity is a short-term or long-term contract or a permanent role, our focus is on finding the absolute best candidate for your position and your organization

We use extensive resources to attract and keep skilled candidates who are actively searching for new opportunities, as well as those who aren’t actively looking themselves, but are open to opportunities presented to them. We have built a reputation of consistently providing high quality recruitment and staffing services to our clients. Our experienced resource managers and recruiters are able to respond very quickly to clients’ staffing requirements through:

  • Our professional networks and Social Media Contacts
  • Our internal database of registered, qualified candidates
  • Our extensive list of industry and professional contacts
  • Our referral program where top candidates are referred to our organization
  • Candidates who have expressed an interest in moving to or returning to Canada or United Statess
  • Responses to ongoing campaigns and various recruitment websites and marketing venues
  • Our relationships with job search resource centres, colleges, and universities

Our Process

How Contract Staffing Works

1 To Start

First and foremost, we need to gain an understanding of the role and your organization. We will work with you to develop an overview of the position and to assess the qualifications, as well as the “soft” skills that are required for the role. We can help you develop the job responsibilities and requirements (JDs) for the role and provide current market salary data that reflects a wide range of qualifications. We will review our process with you and establish a timeline that suits your needs.

2 The Search

Using all of our resources and networks, we identify and shot-list top candidates for your position(s). Recruitment Consultants have administered relevant skills testing with all registered candidates, as well as performed thorough interviews (Level 1 to Level 3) to gain an understanding of their professional experience, accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses, and educational background. We also discuss their goals, ambitions, and motivations, so that we can present to you the candidates whom we feel are best suited for your position. Since we meet with professionals on an ongoing basis, we quickly identify ideal candidates from our established databases in addition to new applicants.

3 The Presentation

Next, we present you with a short-list of top candidates (Internal Rating of 4/5 only). We will brief you on each candidate, reviewing such areas as skill competencies and experience, software knowledge, salary expectations, as well as the reason the candidate is interested in the role. At your convenience, we will arrange for you and others involved in the selection process to interview the desired candidates.

4 Ensuring success

Once, you’ve made your selection, we take care of the remaining details. Criminal background checks are completed for all candidates receiving an offer - temporary or permanent. As well, we notify all unsuccessful candidates of the outcome. For permanent roles, we can assist you with drafting the terms of employment and finalizing the job offer letter (OL). We will act as intermediary, negotiating on your behalf, if required. For contract positions, the candidate is on our payroll and we manage all necessary documentation including payroll, employee remittances, and contract termination procedures at the end of the work engagement. Also, we will touch base with you and the contractor periodically throughout the contract to measure and monitor candidate’s performance metrics (KPIs) against your documented stakeholder expectations.


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